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Upper & Lower Extremity Prosthetics

  • We offer full service prosthetic care for amputee patients. This may include the fitting of an immediate post-op prosthesis (IPOP) while the patient is still in the hospital. The immediate post-op prosthesis is designed to allow ambulation to occur as quickly as possible, to reduce swelling, and to speed healing time. Following the amputation surgery and, in most cases, once the sutures have healed, patients are fit with elastic shrinkers which are worn full time to help control swelling. Once the swelling has stabilized, the patient is thoroughly evaluated and casted for a prosthesis. During the second visit, the patient is fit with the check socket and the attached componentry to ensure that the finished prosthesis will fit properly, that the componentry choices are appropriate, and that the alignment of the prosthesis is optimized for the best function. In some cases, it is necessary to perform more than one test socket fitting. Once the patient and prosthetist are satisfied with the fit and function of the check socket, the fabrication of the finished prosthesis is completed. During the delivery fitting, the prosthesis is fine tuned and, once again, thoroughly evaluated. At this time, the patient is also provided with all included accessories and is educated with regards to the use and care of the prosthesis. After the final delivery of the prosthesis, the patient should have periodic check-up appointments with the prosthetist to insure the prosthesis continues to fit appropriately and that the function of the prosthesis remains optimal.


  • We offer outpatient orthotic services at our locations in Waco and Temple and inpatient orthotic services at surrounding hospitals and other patient care facilities. Patients are thoroughly evaluated and conscientious decisions are made regarding the orthotic design and componentry. The patient is always fully included in the process to insure that he or she receives the most appropriate orthosis for their needs. We are able to provide a full array of orthotic devices, from the most time tested orthoses, such as conventional metal and leather braces, to the most technologically advanced devices that include materials and components such as carbon graphite, stance control knee joints, and functional electrical stimulation.


  • We offer custom ocular prostheses for patients who have had loss of an eye secondary to congenital, traumatic, or pathological conditions. Our ocularist provides services including evaluation and molding for new ocular prostheses, modification of existing prostheses for continued proper fit and function, regular cleanings for proper prosthesis hygiene, and specialty devices for post-surgical eye removal. We also offer sclera shell ocular prostheses, which is a flush fitting, or minimum clearance, opaque acrylic sclera cover fitted over the phthisical or eviscerated globe. Iris, pupil, sclera tone and vascular details are matched to the fellow eye.


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