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DONNING AND DOFFING (Putting on and Taking off you AFO)

  1. Donn the orthosis first and then the shoe.  A shoe horn may be helpful, or

  2. Slip the orthosis in the shoe first and then slide the foot into the orthosis using it like a shoe horn.


  1. Clean cotton stockings should be worn under the AFO.  This will be more comfortable and reduce perspiration.

  2. Keep the stocking wrinkle-free, however, do not pull the stocking tightly over toes.


  1. The AFO should be worn with a shoe at all times.  The plastic is too slippery to be worn without a shoe.

  2. Wear laced shoes that are the same heel height.  Avoid spiked heels, slippers, sandals, or loafers.  It will be necessary to increase the shoe size to accommodate the AFO.


  • Clean your AFO by using a mild soap and wiping with a damp cloth.  Completely dry with a towel or allow the orthosis to dry at room temperature.


  1. Examine your skin under the orthosis every day.  Redness of skin under pressure areas of a new orthosis may develop.  The redness should disappear 20 to 30 minutes after the orthosis is removed.

  2. As you become accustomed to the orthosis, the redness should disappear.  If blisters or open sores occur in the pressure areas, stop wearing the orthosis and contact your orthotist for adjustments.


  • Similar to a new pair of shoes, a correctly fitted orthosis may seem uncomfortable at first.  During the first few days, alternate times in and out of your AFO while noting any red or sore areas.  As you build-up tolerance, increase wearing time as advised by your physician or orthotist.


  1. The orthotist will schedule a follow-up visit to make sure the AFO is working and to make sure you are wearing it correctly.  A follow-up appointment should be arranged every six months.

  2. DO NOT attempt to repair the AFO yourself.

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