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  1. Wash and rinse hands thoroughly. (30 seconds)

  2. Face mirror (if this is over a lavatory, place a towel over all hard surfaces and cover the sink drain) Tilt the head slightly downward while looking at the artificial eye in the mirror; this rotates the prosthesis into a favorable position for removal. Hold one hand, palm upward and heel against the mouth, below the eye socket to catch the prosthesis if it comes out suddenly.

  3. Place the forefinger of the other hand against the middle of the lower lid, close to the eyelashes and parallel to them. Press the lower lid tissue backward until the lid margin goes under the lower edge of the artificial eye. At the same time, pull the finger sideways toward the cheekbone to stretch the lid margin under the bottom edge of the prosthesis, exposing it to view. The effect will be like an edge of a button hole.

  4. If the artificial eye does not slide out of the socket by itself the cupped hand may be taken away from the cheek and its forefinger and thumb used to grasp the prosthesis and rock and pull gently from under the lid. After removal, the eye should be rinsed or washed, being careful not to drop it down any open drain.


  1. Wash hands. Face a mirror. If it is above a lavatory or other hard surface, drape a towel over the surface so that, if the prosthesis is accidentally dropped, it is not likely to be damaged.

  2. Hold the artificial eye by one hand in such a manner that the upper edge is upward and the back of the eye is toward the empty socket. One way to hold it is between the thumb and second finger with the forefinger against the front of the cornea (over the pupil).

  3. Lift the upper lid with a finger or thumb of the free hand and keep the socket widely exposed for the next step.

  4. While watching in the mirror, slide the upper edge of the prosthesis (two red dots) up under the upper lid. Gradually, work it higher under the lid until most of the pupil and iris are hidden. DO NOT LET IT SLIDE DOWNWARD AGAIN UNTIL AFTER THE NEXT STEP.

  5. Release only the upper lid and bring the finger which is holding it, around to the front of the prosthesis to press it backward and keep it under the upper lid. Release the prosthesis from the grip of the finger and thumb of the other hand and bring the latter down to roll the lower lid margin out from under the bottom edge of the eye.

  6. When the lower lid is definitely out in front o the prosthesis, move it around until it seems that the artificial eye is seated in its proper place. Take both hands away from the eye slowly, being ready to catch the prosthesis if it has not been correctly placed and falls out. (Falling onto coarse, sharp or hard surfaces can chip or scratch the plastic eye.)


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