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Prosthetic socks are used by amputees to maintain proper position of the residual limb inside the prosthesis.  Additionally, the prosthetic sock protects and cushions the skin, absorbs perspiration, and aids in reducing friction between the prosthesis and the residual limb.

PROSTHETIC SOCKS SHOULD BE CHANGED DAILY AND WASHED IN WARM OR COOL WATER WITH A MILD SOAP.  We advise that the socks be washed separately from the other laundry, as dyes from other clothes can become imbedded in the prosthetic sock and may irritate the residual limb.

PROSTHETIC SOCKS ARE WOVEN ESPECIALLY FOR THEIR INTENDED USE AND ARE AVAILABLE IN VARIOUS SIZES AND THICKNESSES.  Your prosthetist will determine the size that is correct and generally will supply you with:

  1. A nylon sheath (worn next to the skin)

  2. A 1-ply poly-soft sock (stretches, white sock)

  3. A 3-ply wool sock

  4. A 5-ply wool sock

With your first prosthesis, you will be supplied with approximately six prosthetic socks.  If you need more socks please contact your prosthetist. 

The number of ply relates to the thickness of the prosthetic sock and aids in maintaining proper fit of the prosthesis.  A 5-ply is made out of five threads of yarn, whereas, a 3-ply sock is made out of three threads of yarn.  When these two socks are used together, there will be a total of eight (8) plies of sock on the residual limb.  It is important to remember that as the prosthetic sock becomes worn, the thickness of the sock changes, ie. an old 5-ply sock would perhaps equal a new 3-ply sock.

It is also important to remember that the proper amount of socks that you should be wearing is what feels comfortable to you.  If the prosthesis feels too loose, try adding a ply of socks.  If is feels too tight, try decreasing the number of ply.  If the prosthesis still does not feel comfortable to you, contact your prosthetist as additional padding in the socket may be necessary.

Prosthetic socks are available in a wide variety of thicknesses, lengths and materials.  If you have any questions on the selection and care of prosthetic socks, please contact your prosthetist.

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